Amélia Blume and the Cursed Heart of the Old, Old Woods

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Amélia Blume and the Cursed Heart of the Old, Old Woods is an action gardening game where the player is tasked to overcome violent creatures and deadly obstacles using nonviolent means. You play as Amélia Blume, a druid and protector of the forest, who can summon a variety of plants to help over come obstacles and restrain, slow down, or distract enemies.

I personally had my hands in many aspects of the project, mainly including scripting animal behavior and states, camera and parallax, systems like health, level design, UI design,  and some 3D modeling. My posts on camera control and parallax can be found on the blog. The background, while consistent in appearance, was actually populated using a script that can be seeded to spawn any number of given objects over a customizable space, which could be dynamically recolored and weighted over said space. This cut all the time that would be spent tediously moving new object to the background of every level to only picking a seed we like.

As Lead Tester, I also used a variety of manual testing methods to ensure the game was properly up-kept and running, including clearbox, end-to-end, regression, and public playtests.

Amélia Blume is a game with an underlying message that makes the player think about their actions. The narrative present in the game is designed to make the player understand the argument of fighting what you believe in peacefully or violently, and makes the player come to terms with both sides through gameplay.

The game uses full 3D models but a shade-less, texture-less style in order to give a minimalistic appearance, and is being developed in Unity 4 for PC and potentially other platforms. The team uses Agile Scrum to keep on track, which includes the use of biweekly sprints, user stories, a taskboard, and burndown charts to keep everyone on the same page.

Amélia Blume was my Senior capstone project at UCSC, where most progress was accomplished over the two quarters. For more information on the game, you can visit the website, a facebook page here, and the game’s twitter account @AmeliaBlume.

Programmer, Game Designer