Battle of Stalingrad

BfS title screen

A 2-player asymmetric war-game made by a team of 4 students working part-time over the course of 3 weeks in Unity. Based off the decisive battle in World War II, Battle of Stalingrad allows players to chose whether they want to be on the Russian defensive forces or the attacking German army. Players begin by creating their own forces by spending money, alternating between both players to allow for counter-picking. Each team has 9 different units to choose, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Defeat the other team’s whole force to survive!

Made in the same class as Space Worms and Rover Gatherer, Battle of Stalingrad was made in 3 weeks and submitted to Kongregate. If you would like to play, please follow this link, but be warned: Kongregate has a lot of ads and Unity Web Player has had issues with Google Chrome.

The source code can be found on the Github Repository here:

Some Screenshots:

BfS Unit PlacementBfS Unit SelectionBfS Unit Selection 2

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