Introversion: A Party Game

UCSC Sammy Award Winning game: Introversion: A Party Game

Introversion is a semi-autobiographical game in which the player is an introvert at a party. The purpose of the game is to make the player experience what it’s like to be said introvert, with mechanics that make the player feel awkward and uncomfortable when in conversation or trying to even enter them, but feel entertained when their character zones out to a more interesting world of daydreams. There is no win condition; it just ends after a certain amount of time, and players are allowed to do whatever they want in this space. It uses a pseudo-8-bit aesthetic similar to Dys4ia, and the daydreaming segments are based off of old NES games to provide a familiar and entertaining experience for the player.

Introversion: A Party Game was created in a course at UC Santa Cruz called Foundations of Game Design. During this course, students were tasked with designing, prototyping, and creating a game in teams of two only using Gamemaker Studio. Overall, 120 games were made. These games were then entered into a UCSC Game Competition, called The Sammies, in the Foundation category, where the games made in this class were narrowed down to the 12 finest, then 3, and then were judged by local industry judges to see which one of those were the overall “best.”

Here is the presentation at The Sammies, which explains the purpose behind the mechanics, aesthetics, and design.

Introversion won the Foundation Award, and runner-up in Sound Design.

Click Here to download.

Here’s some Screenshots:




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