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This page features all of my Game Projects of every size on this website. For my best and most recent projects, please use the slideshow on the home page.

Split-It (Unity 5, Android, C#, Google Play, Puzzle Game)

Split-It is a 2D mobile game I’m currently developing in my spare time. The project was started during Spring Break of 2015 when I was still in college, but now that I’ve graduated it’s gotten my full attention. If I’m not held up by other work, it should release fairly soon on the Google Play Store. Stay tuned for more information!

Amélia Blume and the Cursed Heart of the Old, Old Woods (Unity3D, C#, AI, Procedural Generation, Rhetorical Gameplay, Art-syle)

Amélia Blume was my Senior Capstone project at UCSC. It’s a 3D game with an orthographic 2D camera angle and flat coloring style, which makes it loo and feel like a smooth 2D platformer. For more information, Please follow the link!

Introversion: A Party Game (Game Maker Language,  Rhetorical Gameplay, RPG/Platformer)

Introversion is a 2D game that puts the player in the position of being an introvert at a party. By using commonly known game mechanics as tools, the game makes the player feel the emotions of what it’s like to struggle as an introvert in a taxing social situation and escape to their imagination to avoid uncomfortable situations. It won the Foundation Award at the 2014 Sammy Awards at UCSC! Follow the link for more information.

Spaceworms (Unity, C#, Centipede re-imagining, 3-week project)

Rover Gatherer (Unity, C#, Design-based Puzzle Game, 3-week project)

Battle of Stalingrad (Unity, C#, Strategy War Game, 2-player, 3-week project)

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