Recyclops is an app created in Android Studio and programmed in Java for UCSC’s 2015 Hackathon, a 48 hours event attended by over 300 students from around the area, by a team of 6 people. Teams were tasked to program a working hack in 48 hours, and then were judged at the end in 3 different categories. The app won 1st place in the Tech Care category.


Recyclops itself is a bar-code scanning app designed to track the users recycling stats and tell them if the scanned product’s packaging is recyclable or not. The idea is to get users to scan the product’s bar-code before buying the product so that they can think about and change their waste habits much quicker and more effectively. This is then reflected in a graph which gives the user a ratio of trash to recycling, where they can then check their trends overtime. The app also contains a reference section where the user can look-up a product at the time they wish to dispose of it later in order to see if it’s recyclable, in case they forgot

Screenshot_2015-01-12-23-27-23       Screenshot_2015-01-12-23-27-27

The back-end of Recyclops uses a Parse database which stores all the stats on the objects, including the product’s name, packaging material, and whether or not it’s recyclable. This is looked up using the UPC given by the bar-code scanner. Currently it only contains a small list of items, however in future we would like to add functionality which allows the user to input new items that hadn’t been scanned before. Additionally, the app has potential with environmentally friendly grocery stores that would be willing to cooperate, as we could arrange for a QR code to be printed out on the receipt which would then give us all the UPC’s at once, allowing for more user convenience rather than scanning all the bar-codes individually and allowing them to track their purchases and adjust them for later trips.

Recyclops winning

My personal role involved programming in multiple locations; specifically in data entry and data object management, saving to user preferences using GSON, as well as designing the logo and a part in UI design.

The Github for the project is viewable here. Most of my contributions are marked by an unknown author tag because I was working from a lab computer without my Github associated with it at the time.

My Teammates were:

Derek Donahue

Michael Brich

Jordan Sommers

Jake Cohen

Jairo Navarro

Programmer, Game Designer