Rover Gatherer

A Design-based puzzle game with a Mars theme. Created in Unity by a team of 3, Rover Gatherer is a game where you play as a colonist on Mars who is giving commands to a rover that needs to find samples. Lay down arrow commands and try and get the rover to collect all the minerals while avoiding obstacles and returning to the base safely! Contains 5 levels, each with unique mechanics, and a 3-star based scoring system.

RG Title Screen

Rover Gatherer was the 2nd game made for a UC Santa Cruz class (Game Design Practicum) that tasked teams of 3-4 students with creating a Unity game to a theme working part-time for 3-weeks. This game’s theme was mars, with a design-based puzzle genre.

The game is available on Kongregate, and uses Kongregate’s API to record you level scores. If you wish to play, follow this link, but be aware that Kongregate has ads.

ATTENTION CHROME USERS: Recently Chrome stopped supporting Unity Web Player, but I’ve since ported the project to Unity5 and exported it to WebGL. It may take a while to load, but it should work on Kongregate in Chrome.

The Github Repository can be found here:


RG Level 2 RG Level Select RG Level 4

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