Space Worms

Space Worms is a 2D top-down shooter made in Unity. Created for a Class at UC Santa Cruz, Space Worms was made by a 3-person team working part-time over the course of 3 weeks. The challenge was to re-imagine a golden-age coin-op arcade game using Unity, and we went for a mix between Centipede & Missile Command. The player uses a laser that operates like the shot from Centipede in that it can only have one on screen in each direction at a time, only now the player has to protect a planet in the center from giant space worms attacking on all 4 sides.
Spaceworms screenshot

The game progresses in waves, where each wave is harder than the last by spawning bigger or more worms with slight random variation. every 5th wave will contain a “boss” worm which is significantly longer than the other worms. After defeating this boss, the player is teleported to a new planet with random variations in color and different colored worms based off of Centipede’s original color variations. Defeating a worm segment will leave an asteroid behind similar in mechanics to the original centipede, however this led t a design challenge. The player could just make a wall of asteroids around their planets. To fix this, I added asteroid explosions if they’re too close to the planet, signified by flashing the asteroid red and beeping.

The game is playable on Kongregate, and uses their API to track high-scores and post leader-boards. You may play it on Kongregate by following this link, but Kongregate has a lot of ads and the game itself requires Unity Web Player.

You can Also play it by clicking on the “Play Space Worms” link in the sidebar, or just clicking here, but it still requires Unity Web Player.

If you would like to see the code, here is the repository on Github.


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