Split It (Updated in 2019)

Split It feature image

Split It is a color-matching puzzle game available on the Google Play store for Android Phones and Tablets, and a new updated version is available on Itch.io. It is a personal project made in my spare time with additional art and sound assets done by a few friends.

Previously it was a paid app, however after the 2019 update for Itch.io I was no longer supporting Android, so I made it free instead of potentially selling a buggy product due to the many updates to Android over the years

The game is deceptively simple: you’re given two pieces to fire in opposite directions of the center, and are tasks with getting the highest score you possibly can by matching groups of 4 or more piece of the same color/shape.

The game consists of 5 different game modes, each requiring the player to think slightly differently than the last. For example, Wit Split is a gamemode that starts you off with 8 types of pieces unlocked, but gives you all the time you need to set up combos and clear pieces. Quick Split on the other hand only starts you with 4 pieces unlocked, but more are inserted onto the board over time so the play has to think fast, not smart. The other modes also have a spell feature that allows players to clear pieces in specific way, so there’s a diversity of play-styles.

In 2019 I revisited Split It to make it more widely available, fix some outstanding bugs, and completely refactor the code base using the knowledge I’d learned from working in a professional capactiy as a Software Engineer. As a result, most of the Code was reworked and rewritten, and the game runs much smoother and is a better experience for it. You can see here the sheer amount of code change that was done in what boils down two essentially a week or two’s worth of work on the Github page here.

As Part of that rework, I added Custom Split, which uses modern Object-Oriented Programming Principles to allow players to create and load their own ruleset and play the game mode that they enjoy most. Here’s a video of that!

Split-It was developed in Unity 5/ Unity 2019. Here is a list of all the tools, practices and pieces that I used in the project

  • C#
  • Android Development
  • Recursion for checking the Board
  • OOP design practices for game objects
  • Achievements
  • High Score Tracking
  • UI and scaling for different resolutions
  • Game design for the 4 different game modes & multiple control schemes
  • Balancing
  • Github
  • Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards
  • Player Testing and polling, including colorblind and ease of use testing.
  • Feedback led to the inclusion of multiple control schemes for ease of use

The above pictures were all pulled from the screen, but here is an earlier build working on Android:

If you found this page and are not here to browse my portfolio for hiring purposes or need assistance with the game itself, please email EgotisticalManiacGames+Splitit@gmail.com

Unity’s WebGL exporting is still in Beta and therefore pretty buggy, however you can play the most recent WebGL build in your browser by clicking here. (note: this may take a while to load and is much worse visually than the Android App. Additionally this is from a much older build and doesn’t accurately represent the content in the game)

Some More videos, from the original 2016 version

Here’s a video of gameplay from Split It’s main game mode, Wiz Split:

  • The 2nd and more fast-paced game mode, Quick Split:

  • the 3rd and more mentally taxing but slower-paced game mode, Wit Split:

  • A view of the options menu and other unlockables, followed by the 4th much more hectic and crazy game mode, Holy Split:

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